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Published: 29th July 2008
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Computer generated animation, stock video footage and moving backgrounds are part of a rapidly growing industry! Whether as backgrounds for live action or interaction, the computer enables authors and producers to make their products more exciting, interesting and marketable than ever before. You-Tube is a great place to find examples of computer graphics and animation as intros, backgrounds, or transitions. It is becoming increasingly popular with seasoned professional film and commercial makers as well as the amateurs and do-it-yourself videographers and videobloggers to use moving backgrounds and computer animation in their projects. Vision and creativity are the keys to success with computer animation, as they are with the older forms of entertainment. Schools and training facilities are springing up all over the world to help the prospective video makers to perfect their craft. This rapidly growing industry is evolving as it goes along, with new ideas and techniques being developed almost every day. In the "information age" it is important to present the information or entertainment in the most exciting and innovative way possible. Whether you're selling an old brand of shoes or the newest software, advertising is the key... and computer animation, moving backgrounds and stock videos are all part of the key. Whether the project is destined to sell a million items, entertain a million viewers or just entertain your friends and family, technology is there to make it happen. Hardware and software are available in both commercial and shareware types so your vacation clips can be as professional and polished as the latest big screen production. Not too many years ago, special effects and moving backgrounds were something that was only found in big budget motion pictures and some television programming. Today moving backgrounds are everywhere - from reality TV shows, game shows and almost every single commercial - they all use some form of moving background or computer animation. Now it's right at your fingertips too. Anyone can create impressive, exciting new projects as easily as moving a mouse! Moving backgrounds, computer animation and stock video is available for everyone to try and for some people it will be the open doorway to the future. All the possibilities that you can imagine are at your fingertips, just waiting for you to reach out and give them a try! With the hardware and software available to consumers today, you can produce professional quality video productions - commercials, documentaries, videoblogs, dvd's and more - right from the comfort of your own desk! Computer technologies have come a long way and the only thing holding them back is human imagination. Stock videos, computer animation and moving backgrounds are the latest thing in the creative arts and are widely being adopted by consumers in every area of multimedia - from website flash animations to You-Tube intro and transitional video. You can quickly and easily add a professional touch to your next video project with the thousands of moving backgrounds, stock videos and computer animations available on the internet for little or no cost. Jus do a search on 'moving backgrounds' to get started with computer animation in your next project!

Denard Springle is a Web Application Developer and Amateur Videographer who produces and promotes his free and low cost computer animation and moving backgrounds on his website at You can also preview the latest moving backgrounds he's authored on at

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